The Coming of Kasheek

Let's Do This?

"We haven't eaten yet..."

After a rough storm The Adroit Sophists blacked out.

The Sophists, having washed ashore, find themselves Waterlogged and near death * cough Thone cough. Traveling just north of the strange coast, they set up camp.

Waking, the party spotted smoke and continued to investegate. They found the small Dwarven residence of Ivan Bouldershoulder. The A.S. nearly destroyed Ivan’s home as they barged their way in, then Sil nearly murdered Ivan after a harsh comment about druids. The Good news is that Sil happened to jump through both of the windows, leaving Ivan with a better view of the perimeter. After the confrontation, The A.S. instituted The Plan. And the large party headed north to investigate Ivan’s Brother, Pikel. The dispersed A.S. ran into a group of scavenging Hill Giants. In a last ditch effort the Sophists reunited in time to murder the Giants.



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