Captain Anlow

Captain of Lanthion


Captain Anlow of Barteus. Inbetween jobs, Anlow stays at the Port of Bart (Barteus).

Captain of the Lanthion. Anlow runs a high-risk, high-reward transport business. Anlow ensures his cargo arrives on time and intact, no matter the risk. According to Barteus Port Authorities, Anlow charges a very modest rate for most of his business. Anlow has even been investigated by the Porto Bart Guards due to his low shipping rates and great record.

According to other Barteus Captains, Anlow has a reputation for being ‘the most daring captain in Barteus’ as well as ‘crazy’. One story tells of Anlow outmaneuvering 30 ships in the Ghozoro Marathon, just to make a delivery on time. Another story tells of the Lanthion outrunning the King’s vessel Chimera after sinking a rice ship just out of port. (Chimera is reportedly the fastest ship ever built, making the Silvertooth run in just 30 hours).

Race: Human

Current Location: Lanthion, at Sea

Status: Sailing the Seas on the Lanthion

Alignment: Good

Additional Notes:

Captain Anlow is also a character in The Four Wizards

Captain Anlow

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