Thone Whitewand

Thone Whitewand, the wandering wizard


Thone Whitewand of the Hyran Whitewands.

Thone Whitewand grew up in a very privileged family. Having very successful and powerful parents, Thone grew up always under his father’s shadow. When he reached appropriate age, his parents sent him to the educational university, on the coast. Having been isolated in his childhood, Thone did not make friends well. Thone did however excel at his studies to the top of the accomplishment scale. (Thone’s father insisted on Thone using a false identity while away as to hide any educational stumbles that might have reflected badly on his parents business)

Over his years away Thone realized that he could not live up to his parents expectations as an investor and public figure. Thone planned to leave his parents when he finished his studies. Just weeks before the knowledge certification, Thone was invited home to a celebration of his parents accomplishments.

Thone began his Wizarding career just after a terrible occurrence at his parents’ invitational party. At the celebration, Thone met a strange old man with a ridiculous beard. Funny thing was that his beard was actually his pet cat. Later that night, the old man saved Thone from the poisoned drinks. Unfortunately all the party members were struck ill, and before they could escape the party, someone set fire to the building. All party members were reported dead. However Thone escaped with the old man, now the only two people that knew what actually happed at the party. The only way to stay safe, was to remain “dead”, and change names. While traveling, the old man taught Thone the ways of wizardry.

Traits and Mannerisms- Thone is not the most charismatic wizard, nor the most sociable, but his educational diversity can come in handy. Although not afraid of most dangers, Thone is deathly afraid that he will be poisoned. Whenever possible, Thone will offer his food to others, in order to determine if it is poisoned. Thone is very suspicious of any food offer, He carries many rations of travel bread with him that he keeps tightly guarded. When faced with a dilemma Thone will exhaust most if not all of his options before giving up. Thone’s hair is tinted white and blue, this is partially due to magically changing his identity many times, but also due to some magical mishaps while training with his mentor.

Thone Whitewand

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