Sprear of Kasheek

A jet black spear with mysterious power....

weapon (melee)

2 handed spear/polearm reach weapon 2+StrengthMod+HalfLevel+MagicBonus 1d10 damage (+mods) Crit +2d8 Special Properties Level 9 +2 Longspear, Unbreakable by normal means, once touched it will be forever with the user unless removed via ritual or magical means. If thrown away will appear shortly back in the users hand.

Effects- The jet black weapon gives of an aura of desolation doing 5 psychic damage to all non-demon creatures within 5 squares at the start of their turn (note this is in effect even if the wielder. isn’t holding the spear as long as it is with him.


Sprear of Kasheek

The Coming of Kasheek Riciendo