The Plan

The Plan

The Adroit Sophists’ Plan:

Upon encountering a danger of any kind, immediately try and split-up this will minimize our losses and allow us to explore at the fastest rate. If all else fails, and every party member has been isolated, begin delving deeper into the dungeon/problem/realm or temple you are in. This will allow you to easily return to the party with as much treasure as possible (assuming that there are still party members left).

The patent-pending Adroit Sophists’ Plan has always worked to some extent for the Adroit Sophists, that is why members of the A.S. are strongly encouraged to follow The Plan. The A. S. have always split up, and will continue to split up at every opportunity. What is the fun in working as a team, keeping each other safe, easily defeating enemies, and claiming glory and treasure? At Adroit Sophists Incorporated, we feel that teamwork is the best kind of work…for the lazy and wimpy.

The Emergency Plan:

In case of emergency, typically associated with death, injury, or trouble, split up again. This will allow the dead/injured/trapped party member to remain in place while other members privy to the danger search for a solutions individually. If no solution is found, try exhausting all of your supplies on the dead/injured/trapped party member. If any of the methods succeed, split up and continue searching. If a solution is still not found, leave the dead/injured/trapped party member, and retrace your steps back to where you split up last. With luck, you will encounter another Adroit Sophist and can notify them of the dead/injured/trapped party member. They can then lead you to where they were, so you can help them explore the depths of the dungeon/problem/realm. Once you have reached every dead-end, travel back to the dead/injured/trapped party member and inform them that you could not find help.

The Backup Plan:

Use the Back-up plan only if The Plan, and the emergency plan can not be followed. The Backup plan calls for all members to remain together and work as a team of adventurers to solve a particular problem/task or defeat a particular enemy. The Backup Plan should be followed only until the next time you see a chance to split up again. If you are trapped together as a team, the best option is to split up and search the area/trap/room individually. ONLY as a last resort should you work together with your party members.

The Plan

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