The Coming of Kasheek

Onward and Back
"Umm... is it natural for me to attack my party members?"

-After freeing Carric from prison, The Adroit Sophists (minus Zelgius) returned to Morogov’s Ship for the night. The following morning, Sil, Mikal, Carric, and Thone traveled to Elbereth’s home and explained their predicament. They notified him of the delivery, which was currently being held up by the fact that Zelgius, the carrier of the orb was in prison. The thought of adding an orb to his collection enticed Elbereth to assist the party.

During this time, Zelgius a woke to find himself in a small room (which was almost certainly not a jail cell). Speaking to him was the brother of the man he killed in the bazaar. Challenging him, the man promised to kill Zelgius, despite the fact that Zelgius was nearly twice his weight, and 2 feet taller. With a few skillful blows Zelgius put down his attacker and escaped the building. Zelgius found himself in the northern slums of Belhamet. He set out to find his party.

With Elbereth’s help, the Adroit Sophists discover that Zelgius had been released from prison, and ‘taken care of’ by one of the guards. Luckily Elbereth was able to scry Zelgius, and determine that he was somewhere in the slums. The party spent the rest of the night and following day searching for Zelgius. After finding Zelgius, Carric immediately executed The Plan and left in search of a fabled magic weapons dealer.

Having the orb once again, the party brought it to Elbereth. Elbereth’s assistant examined the orb, but upon activating it, she was hit with a spell blast, and went blind. In payment for bringing a cursed orb, Elbereth send the party to hunt down and kill a werewolf that has been prowling the sandy sunes southeast of Belhamet. The Adroit Sophists left a message for Carric, and set out toward the location of the werewolf. Having reached a suitable campsite, the party waited for dark. Just in time, the Thone spotted Carric scrambling over one of the dunes.

After a few night watches, Mikal (partially asleep) spotted a wolf entering the camp. IT’s A TRAP. Before Mikal can attack, or even wake the party, Wolves attack from behind. An all out battle soon commences in the light of the full moon. Just moments after the party began fighting a werewolf joins the battle, and bites a few party members. Failing their saves, party members drop (like flies) into a uncontrollable anger. Infected members began attacking everything that moved. Having barely defeated the Werewolf, Thone and Carric used to two silver vials of were-cure and began healing Zelgius and Sil.

Exhausted from fighting, the party repaired camp and slept. The following morning the Sophists traveled back toward Belhamet. In the desert the party came across a battered and exhausted man. The distraught man walked toward them. As he approached, he fell to the ground and called out: “help i don’t know how i got here. I think the veil…”- his body slumped down, dead. He apeared to have died of exhaustion, and some minor wounds (as if having walked a long way possibly through a desert). After examining the man, Mikal and Carric remember him from the Lanthion (see The Four Wizards and The Crash) Although they couldn’t be certain, they believed his name was Saytol.

"...I didn't stab him!" -- "THERE WERE 70 WITNESSES!"

After defeating the Giants and talking to the two dwarven brothers, Ivan and Pikel, The Adroit Sophists and Thone camped out for the night at some ruins of an old tower. Carric decided to take watch the entire night. In the morning, the party continued North toward Belhament, where they hoped to deliver The Orb to Elbereth.

Just a few hours north, the party encountered a group of bandits and their hideout. The bandits were just recently chased out of Belhamet. The party ‘took care’ of the bandits (the bandits attacked first) and a Dire Bear. The Adroit Sophists enacted their Plan when Carric attempted to gather meat from the downed bear, and Sil tried to defend the bear’s natural sanctity.

Mikal, Thone, and Zelgius continued North where they camped near a river (for the night). Carric and Sil split up in hopes of rendezvousing with the rest of the party. The following morning Sil found his way back to the party and crossed the river heading north. Carric exhausted from not sleeping for nearly 24 hours slept late and continued north toward Belhamet around noon.

After arriving in Belhamet, The Adroit Sophists executed their plan again, agreeing to meet at a tavern in the evening.

Mikal notified his party that he would be at the bookstore. After he was safely out of view, he found his way the nearest tavern ’Morogov’s Boat’, where he got drunk and promised to perform a show that night.

Sil decided to wander the streets of Belhamet to kill time.

Carric having found his way to the city of Belhamet when in search of a magical weapons shop.

Zelgius followed Thone to a magical shop. Thone, unimpressed by the dusty and empty shelves, decided that he would wander toward a tavern where he would wait for the party. As Zelgius left the shop he literally ran into Carric. The two of them set out to find a weapons dealer at the town’s market.

Long story short:
Mikal, Sil, Thone meet up at Morogov’s Ship. Mikal performs a great musical show for the patrons. Mikal and Sil got drunk while celebrating. They stayed the night at the tavern’s rooms.

Zelgius and Carric ended up starting a massive brawl in a crowded market place. Zelgius ended up accidentally killing a man’s brother, and Carric attacked a Town Guard. Both were thrown in jail after the brawl. The following day, Sil and Thone investigated Faysha, and her infected son (werewolf). Mikal found his way to Carric and Zelgius in jail. Mikal was able to convince the guards that Carric’s actions were a mistake. (Carric’s previous argument had been the following:

Guard:“You stabbed and shot one of the town guards.”

Carric:“I didn’t stab Him!”

G:“you did, when he tried to run away”

C:“No, that was before he tried to run away.” “I didn’t shoot him either”


After Mikal secured Carric’s release, there was nothing he could do for Zelgius, who murdered a townsperson in front of 70 witnesses. This made an interesting plot twist, as Zelgius was carrying the orb that the party needed to deliver to Elbereth.

Let's Do This?
"We haven't eaten yet..."

After a rough storm The Adroit Sophists blacked out.

The Sophists, having washed ashore, find themselves Waterlogged and near death * cough Thone cough. Traveling just north of the strange coast, they set up camp.

Waking, the party spotted smoke and continued to investegate. They found the small Dwarven residence of Ivan Bouldershoulder. The A.S. nearly destroyed Ivan’s home as they barged their way in, then Sil nearly murdered Ivan after a harsh comment about druids. The Good news is that Sil happened to jump through both of the windows, leaving Ivan with a better view of the perimeter. After the confrontation, The A.S. instituted The Plan. And the large party headed north to investigate Ivan’s Brother, Pikel. The dispersed A.S. ran into a group of scavenging Hill Giants. In a last ditch effort the Sophists reunited in time to murder the Giants.

The Crash
"Where are we?"

Waking up on the Lanthion the Adroit Sophists met a strange man darkly cloaked, who gave them a package with instructions to deliver it to someone named Elbereth. After passing through the veil the party promptly passed out and awoke on another ship. They realized Riciendo was missing though no one really cared and that there was another mysterious man who woke up with them by the name of Thone Whitewand. The party met the ship captain Davenford the Third “Dave” and a young boy posing as a sailor Aaron. After learning of their whereabouts and getting acquainted with Thone Whitewand the captain told them of the coming storm.


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